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Spring and its association with Liver and Gall-bladder
Feb 12

Spring and its association with Liver and Gall-bladder

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Itís a period of revitalisation after the depth and introspection we went through in the winter. The spring season is about rejuvenating, accumulating the positive energy and bringing creativity into what we do. It is the period when we get up and complete our to-do list. Itís when we detox entirely.

According to Chinese medicine, the Liver and the Gall-Bladder correspond to the spring season and are charged of smooth flow of energy throughout the body. They store as well as detox blood.

The liver, being the master laboratory of our body, is associated in planning, developing vision and determination. This way we spring into action and develop our latent talents and qualities thereby, showcasing our potential at its best. A healthy liver can make us more creative and insightful towards things.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, the gall-bladder which stores and intensifies the bile which was generated in the liver, plays the role of a wise decision maker. It excels at putting those visions into action. It enables the aspect of making proper judgements and decisions. A healthy gall-bladder can enhance our ability to make wise decisions.

This is how we have been blessed with the spring season, the season of growth, creativity and renewal.

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