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Lichen Planus
Nov 29

Lichen Planus

Dr Jasmine Modi, what can i say. To date, i believe that the person who recommended her to me was God sent.

3 years ago, i was diagnosed with Lichen Planus, an autoimmune disorder in which your immunity loses control and attacks your skin. Not knowing even the meaning and existence of alternative medicine, i went for allopathic treatments. Allopathy has no solution for autoimmune disorders. I was on immunity suppresants, which damage the kidneys and when stopped, only aggravate the lichen planus.
The one thing that immediately developed after meeting Dr Modi is faith. I religiously followed her appointments, slowly got off my immunity suppresants (without the lichen planus flaring up) and slowly, my lichen planus is almost gone. My marks are hardly visible and i feel sooo much more healthy now.
Thanks Dr. for these amazing gift of health.I havent touched an allopathic medicine after meeting you, not even for headache, cough and cold. And such is not only my story, this is the story of so many of her patients who claim to not have visited an allopathic doctor in decades.
I had given up hope that i would ever recover. You truly are magic!
Rgds, Nisha