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Anger Management
May 29

Anger Management

Hello readers,

Let me first introduce myself, Iím Meghna aged 38 yrs old, residing in Vile Parle. I am mother of two very beautiful and naughty children and a housewife. I am pursuing my studies i.e. MBA -2nd year. Thanks to the support and co-operation of my husband and my family.

At first it was a challenging job for me, managing home n kids and studies. But my problems were not far behind me. Due to what I donít exactly know, maybe hormonal changes or whatever, I started getting fits of anger. It was not a sudden change. My short tempered nature was always there. But it would get aggravated during and before my periodical cycles. I would throw things and shout and yell and even abuse or beat up my kids for their mischief or mistakes. I knew what I was doing and that it was wrong but I just couldnít control myself. I read a lot about anger management and things like that but couldnít put into practice. I had thought that everyone faces that and itís ok. So started living with it and thought that every one will understand me n my problems. But I was wrong. Because my kids are growing up, and we too are getting older, things canít go on like this.

Life was disturbed. I wasnít the same old person, jubilant and cheerful. I had forgotten to laugh and smile and love. I started getting fed up of my own nature, because I would shower all my anger and my irritability on kids and my husband. I am not ashamed to say, but I was a bad girl at times. Naturally no one was happy. I was worried as it was not good for anyone of us.

I started yoga and meditation and even resorted to allopathic and homeopathy. But that was temporary. And my guilt was killing me. Then one day I met a person who suggested me a doctor for the pimple scars that I have on my face. She gives treatment for skin, n scars etc. I went to meet her and while I was talking to her about my problems, it suddenly strike in my mind that my inner beauty was more important than my outer looks. So I asked her if she could cure me for my temperament. And that was the end of my problems. She has done a miracle for me.

After 10 -12 sittings of acupuncture treatment, I have changed a lot. I have realized that life is more beautiful than it ever was. The acupuncture treatment has done wonders for me. I am able to control not only my temper, but also my other emotions. Like things that used to make me feel hurt or made me feel insulted. I have become, like cooool!! In fact I really wonder now that my kids have started taking me for granted. And I have also become a cool mother and a cool wife. Thanks to her and god bless her. My kids have found a new mother in their old one and I have rediscovered myself. I smile and enjoy life and let others enjoy too! And for petty problems ? who doesnít have one . But if you have a cool mind to think, solutions are there around. So moral of the story is making your inner self beautiful first, thatís more important in life. Everything else will follow,

And thanks to the person who guided me to her and thanks to God almighty!
Thank you,