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May 29


Iím writing this on behalf of my mother. My mother got diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2012. As a part of the treatment, she had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation cycles. The chemotherapy sessions aim to kill the cancer cells, but in the process also kill the good/useful cells of the body. Chemo sessions are tough on the body as it has side effects like feeling of nausea, hair loss, loss of appetite, etc.

Dr. Jasmineís treatment played a very important role during this phase. It helped reduce/slow down the side effects. As Dr. Jasmine would explain Ė her treatment helped maintain the body energy levels so that my mother could complete all the cycles of needed chemotherapy(which a lot of people canít complete). Dr Jasmineís treatment also helped faster recovery(of the good cells in the body) after each Chemo session.

Besides all above, Dr. Jasmineís treatment and approach helped my mother to increase her willpower and bring positivity, which is equally important when one is undergoing cancer treatment.

Dr. Jasmineís priority is to understand her patientís problems and what they are undergoing to treat them in the best possible way Ė which is what makes her the most amazing and approachable doctor that she is.

Thanks a ton, Dr. Jasmine!