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Chronic Common Cold, Dust allergy
Jun 15

Chronic Common Cold, Dust allergy

I’ve been suffering from cold since almost two decades. While the exact cause of the cold was unknown, I did suspect that the cause could have been dust exposure, since I am allergic to dust. I was recommended a visit to Dr Jasmine by a friend of mine. Although I was unsure if Acupuncture would be able to help me given that the cold was chronic, I’m extremely glad that I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

I could feel a significant reduction in my cold levels within two months of treatment (the treatment entailed two sessions every week). Additionally, I also felt more energetic and I could feel that my immunity levels had improved. Prior to commencement of the treatment, I used to feel palpitations at times. With the treatment, my palpitation levels came down too (this was an unexpected ‘side benefit’ from the treatment).

Thank you, Dr Jasmine!