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Facial Enhancement by Acupuncture
May 29

Facial Enhancement by Acupuncture

It all began with the widening age spots on my face. One day I decided to ask Dr. Modi whether Acupuncture could help resolve the problem. I was pleasantly surprised when she replied in the affirmative and added that it would also help remove the excess fat from my face .

Sounded exciting, yet I was skeptical. However I decided to go ahead with the procedure since Dr. Modi had been treating my mother and me from the past year for many ailments and I had complete faith in her ability. In fact at home she is referred to as the “Magic doctor!!”

The first session began with an ozone treatment wherein ozone is introduced through the ears. 20 minutes of ozone therapy was followed by needles. A few needles on my feet, hands and head and a lot many colored needles on my face. My face sure felt like pin cushion. 20 minutes later, the needles were carefully removed followed by an antiseptic massage and ice pad.

Did it pain? A wee bit K The result? An improvement in the complexion, firmer skin and a happier meJ. All this in just one session!!! I sure was looking forward to the next session J

Now, a few sessions later the results are more evident. In addition to lightening and reduction in the age spots, my double chin is almost gone, the excess fat on my face has reduced, my eyelids and eyebrows too have lifted. Fine wrinkles have disappeared and the laugh lines almost gone. I have firmer skin and a more even skin tone. The skin around my jaw and neck too is tauter. I am glad I decided to go ahead with the procedure. The procedure has taken years off my face.

Thank you Dr. Modi for working your Magic yet again.. for the ‘LIFT’ J 🙂