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IBS(Irritable bowel syndrome)
Jul 03

IBS(Irritable bowel syndrome)

I visited Dr.Jasmine’s clinic around mid February with a huge bag of health issues , digestive ones namely acute IBS being the top most on the list .
I had seen several Dr’s and had gone through as many changes in medicines but to no avail .
The first day chatter in the clinic among the many patients waiting for their turn was just this that ‘she is a magician and I started hoping that she turns out to be one for me too.
At that point when I met Dr. Jasmine my digestive system was totally hacked , eating just about anything would could result into loose motions ( 15-20 times in a day) . As a result I was scared of the word ‘ food’ and would think ten times before eating anything .I would feel bloated , had severe acidity and had a dull pain in my abdomen just about all the time .
Treatment began , three times a week and I diligently followed it – not missing a single appointment .One month down the line I felt 50% better and by the end of the 2nd month I took the liberty to go and eat at a restaurant after a gap of about one year ( surely with her permission ). Had my favourite cuisine , Italian , fingers crossed though,  hoping that my body does not reject the food and I don’t fall in the vicious cycle of never ending visits to the loo.
Utter joy !! Nothing untoward happened and I joyously shared it with Dr. Jasmine on my next visit to the clinic . She as usual , just smiled and I realised that her magic was working on me too. Since then have bravely eaten out 2-3 times and its been a smooth sail .
When nothing had worked and I was so dejected with my never ending stomach issues Dr. Jasmine has gotten me out of the mess I was in . I now hope to improve on all my other health issues too as this one has been resolved .
Thank you Doc for your healing touch !