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May 23


Hi Dr Jasmine
Hope you’re doing very well. I am doing superbly well. I have written this testimonial hope you can post it for the benefit of others.
Where do I begin… Ok first with a smile and a big thank you to entire Team of Dr Jasmine Modi as I write this testimonial I’m about to get admitted for my delivery and very excited for the arrival of my baby !!!
So it all began in March 2017 when I first read about what Accupuncture is all about after having failed 3 rounds of iui and several gynae expert consultations and being told that I have unexplained infertility. So I google search and land up on Accushashtra page and start reading. Immediately was convinced and took an appointment with her through a phone call.
I meet with a very pleasant looking greeting face at the reception of her clinic in Andheri West and sit in queue for my number to come for noting down the medical history and reason for visit to the clinic. The clinic atmosphere was so calming to the nerves and I made an instant connect and felt the good vibes coming in already !! Post discussing my medical history and capturing details in a ipad by Ms Rekha I was directed to Dr Jasmine Modi. There she was my secret angel very cheerful and pleasant lady.
So she immediately got the gist of my train to visit her and said let’s begin, I was like now like just now, she said yes! As anyone would be nervous seeing the various needles that could be poked so was I of all the possible what where when how running in my mind but before I could finish them All doctor had already placed the onto my hands and it was absolutely painless to my surprise. I was then asked to take a seat outside while the therapy lasted for about 20 mins flat the experts in her team will explain you all the dos and donts while u sit their quietly listening the soft meditating music and the slideshow of Acushashtra being shown on a screen. The best part is you’re not allowed to use your mobile phones while at the clinic and the staff makes it pretty sure no one is breaking the rule. So the 20 mins we’re done and then the technician removed the needles with gloves on and it may just bleed a tiny bit which they will wipe off with Dettol and off you go! Next they will let you know when you need to come, make your payment and go home with a happy mood believe me I always went back with a lighter heart mind body after each sessions as days went by of my therapy.
So my entire therapy lasted for about 5 months and by the 6th month there I was smiling ear to ear with a positive pregnancy test in my hand. Even post the big fat positive I continued my sessions with Dr Jasmine as she kept guiding me in coordination with my gynaecologist. It was a perfect transparent two way communication through my entire therapy. I visited till my last trimester and here I am today writing this testimonial while my baby is kicking me in there ;)
Have no doubt visit Dr Jasmine Modi right away and you’ll know this testimonial is just a booster to let you pick that phone and go take the plunge which is totally totally worth it !!! After me I also sent two of my other friends who are currently undergoing therapy with her and shadow the same thoughts as me and are equally satisfied.
Dr Jasmine is a pure humble ever smiling accomodating always well dressed lady. An ardent Shrinathji follower I have on several occasions got yummy Prasad from her too 😉 me the lucky one !!! And you know what the day my pregancy got confirmed was her birthday too so it was like a double whammy for me !!!! She is the bestest bestest bestest. Love and respect her for life !!!!
!! Jai Shri Krishna !!
Love & Light,