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May 29


Jasmine Modi has been my doctor since june 2009. i have been suffering from PCOD hormonal imbalance since 2007 and was trying very hard to have a baby. all the best gynacs had told me my problem is incurable and only medicines can help. Since 2 yrs medicines were not helping so i tried alternative therapy. hand is soo good and she took excellent care of me as her patient. She treated me Very seriously. every step was so careful she used to be my guide also. i had left hope on medicines and only doing accupuncture i fell pregnant. i express a heartfelt thanks to her today that im becoming a mother. she has done a wonderful job. My husband, parents, inlaws all have expressed their gratitude to her.

thank you doctor for making my life so different and wonderful. without ur quick daignosis and skilled hand i wouldnt be a mother today. May God bless doc modi and help her to continur working and helping cure all her patients like me and others….
thank you very much doctor