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Knee Ailment
Oct 03

Knee Ailment

My wife Meherangiz N. Sanjana age 73, was admitted to Breach Candy hospital in the month of Nov’ 2013, for replacement of both her knees as they had degenerated so bad that she was unable to walk around without acute pain even at home.

However, luckily due to her being diagnosed with UTI the operation had to be postponed at the eleventh hour.

At that time a friend of mine who was totally cured of a similar knee ailment convinced me to take my wife to see his accupunturist Dr Jasmin Mody.

The day we met Dr Jasmin Mody, we immediately fell in love with her. Dr jasmin Mody has some magic in her.
We just knew fate had brought us to the RIGHT place.

Seeing her charm, her genuine concern and her confidence to heal my wife, we knew she would not need the two pending knee operations any more.

Within a few months of starting the accupunture treatment my wife started walking, not only in the house but also outside in malls etc. and that too without any pains and aches.

My wife actually felt so much better, so good and so confident that she happily gave away her Electric wheel chair to another handicapped friend.
A few months later my wife started going for her daily morning brisk walks.
In short my wife’s healing was nothing short of a miracle, without any medication what so ever.

Today we both are 76.
So we both do have some aging and other new health problems, but now we do not go to visit any other specialists nor any doctors.
We just report and discus our problems with our friend and healer Dr Jasmin Mody.

We are blessed to state that the last 3 years Dr Jasmin Mody has been our guardian Angel in more ways than one.
Her total involvement with all her patient’s, her vast all round medical knowledge and mostly her ‘God given gift’ has till date healed us of various major and minor health issues.
We shall always be indebted to her for our remaining lives.
God bless her. Amen !!

Noshir N. Sanjana (Retired)
In flight Supervisor,
Senior manager,
Cabin crew Scheduling dept.
Airindia, Mumbai.