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Left Vertebral Artery Dissection Nerve Pain
May 29

Left Vertebral Artery Dissection Nerve Pain

Dear friends,

My name is Abbey and am 44 years of age, i had an untoward incident about a year and a half back, where i had a left vertebral artery dissection / thrombosis that resulted in me facing ischemic brain strokes. After several rounds of medical treatments and surgery, i met several neurologists to cure me of resultant nerve pains and body imbalances.

While some of the doctors had solutions and medications, i never found a stable support to face the post stroke trauma. That is when i was recommended to meet Jasmine Modi.

Its been 3-4 months since i started taking treatment under Jasmine and life has become much more better, my pains and cramps have considerably reduced and i believe that she has the expertise and i have the faith in her ability to help me get back to life again.

I thank her for all the support and recommend her with complete faith.

Best Wishes