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Osteo Arthritis | Asthma | Allergy
May 29

Osteo Arthritis | Asthma | Allergy

Doctor With Her Needles D Best Gift

HI my name is kiran n i know JASMINE MODI since 1n half years. U know shes one of d best gift i had got on my birthday i mean it was my birthday d day i meet JASMINE MODI, I n my dad got my mom to MODIís centre for d treatement. I love my MOM my world is my parents n since 2yrs i had seen my mom in great pain through tests v had come to know that she has OSTEO ARTHYRITIS v took her to d best doctors for the treatment but she was told to jus hav calcium tablets n exercise she was told not to sit on floor or climb steps coulnít stand for a very long time had to avoid lot of things n take care n her knee use to always pain n she use to take pain killer 3 times in a day her condition was very bad n diff to believe to c her that way bcoz i had always seen her very active n later things changed n had become worst for her.

TILL 6 MONTHS things were same n then looking to my mom condition my dad decided n through somebodys suggestion v took her to some AYURVEDIC DOCTOR bcoz it has helped many to cure but in my mom case AYURVEDIC TREATEMENT WAS BAD n so many restictions n my mom use to eat 20 apx tablets in 1 time means 60 in a day it was like having chana n singdana,this treatement was not good n gave her sideffects, my moms full leg was swollen n then slowly her body she looked over weight this gave my mom tention n slowly she developed high BP. V removed her x-ray jus to know how bad her case is but d doctor said her case is serious that was shocking i mean after having so many treatement n medicines she had become bad v thought v might hav to go for operation n my mom was scared bcoz she din wanted to do any treatement further bcoz she was tired she was also depresed n thought will never recover.

THEN 1 DAY my dads very good friend told us about JASMINE MODI, there was hardly any hope left n v showed my mom n her recent
x-ray to doctor n she said the case is not so bad to get treated n she said my mom will b fine .My mom had pain all over d body n it was swollen v could not c her knee, her leg was so bad that she couldnt wear her chappal she use to wear mine n wen doctor said she will b fine v were jus having a last hope n d first day treatement was sucessful n my mom felt that her pain was was less then her every day pain n by d end of the week her pain had 50% reduced n JASMINE SAID MY MOM the only doctor to say her to eat every thing to walk n climb steps n sit down n this helped my mom n she recovered really very fast n was back active n happy she also controled her BP n her body was back to normal all the gas was released n her body was normal n she loast weight my mom was very happy. THE 2nd important thing i would like to say is my mom was suffering from ASTHMA since more than 20yrs every year n change of climate or dust use to give her asthma attack previously doctors had said; now it wont b cured but only controled by heavy dose of ANTIBIOTICS N INJECTIONS N SHE USE TO HAV INHALERS ALL THE TIME, SHE HAD ALERGIC ASTHMA so my mom was not able to eat quite a lot of things like spinach or doodhi n urad dal etc.. n the most of all she was very badly allergic to LIME (limbo) EVEN IF SHE USE TO CATCH THE LIME IN HER HAND SHE USE TO START SNIZZING N GET slowlly wizzing n it use to b diff for her to breath BUT now she is fine n all thanks a millon to DR.MODY FOR HER ASTHMA TREATEMENT TOOÖ FOR MY MOM which helped her so much that the things which she couldínt do she could do n eat wat she was scared that she might get an attack bcoz of n now she drinks lime jus every day with no problem.

We r so thankful to JASMINE MODY bcoz my mom has no ARTHYRITIS PROBLEM N NO ASTHMA ATTACK SINCE 1n half year
she is fit n loves to go for the treatement n even if v r on a holiday or out of town my mom has no problem weather its climate or otside food or any thing she is FIT N MAINTAINED BACK VERY HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY.

WELL im not behind then my mom but looking my mom getting well i too did my skin allergy treatement then my mom but looking my mom getting well i too did my skin allergy treatement from MODI. I JUS had a rash on my hand due to immitation jewelry n with her treatement my allergy n scars had gone n now i can wear my all sorts of jewelry n leather watches which i had stopped. Now for any treatement v come to MODI ONLY.

THATS y i say she is the best gift I rather V could have got for my BIRTHDAY.