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Osteo Arthritis
May 29

Osteo Arthritis

It was last week of December 2007, when I returned from Ahmedabad after attending a marriage ceremony there. Suddenly my legs developed acute pain & I was unable to climb up Railway Overbridge. My Husband helped me reach home. Next day I rushed to an Orthopedic Surgoen known to my family.

He diagonised OSTEOARTHRITIS and prescribed a Physiotherapy course for 3 weeks and some medicine mostly painkillers. One day when I was going for physiotherapy session in a nearby clinic, Dr.Jasmine Modi who stays in our society, asked me why I was limping? I narrated to her the whole episode. Dr.Jasmine simply suggested that I may visit her clinic and see if her acupuncture treatment could help. I agreed and after a week or so , went to her clinic. During first month, acupuncture treatment was given three days a week and later on twice a week and now once a week. This treatment has really done wonders to me as I was able to sit with folded legs and could bend my knees in 3 months time. I forgot the physiotherapy treatment so also the allopathy medicines.I have since travelled long distances by bus and train yet I was quite comfortable.

I am, indeed indebted to Dr.Jasmine Modi for making me comfortable and confident again through her acupuncture treatment.