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Spodylosis & ACL Ligament Tear
May 29

Spodylosis & ACL Ligament Tear

Hi! my name is Smita Mehta. I want to share my experience about getting cured through acupuncture.

Dr Jasmine Modi, the great acupuncturist, i came in contact with her through my friend in2012 when i was suffering from acute spondylysis of neck. i have tried everything like allopathy medicine, physic exercise, bed rest and neck belt but i havenít cured. than i started taking treatment of her within a span of 2-3 months. i was totally cured and back to normal activities with no other discomfort. i felt so happy.

After 2 yrs at the time of my sonís wedding i got knee injury during dancing there was meniscus crack & ACL Ligament tear. Dr.Suggested me to go for Arthroscopy or otherwise try physic exercise but not sured wether i will be 100% are after taking rest & exercise of two months i was back to the position of injury. This was my second experience of Acupuncture where i have started my treatment from last two months dr. assured me that u will be totally cured & now i am 80% cured because of her. she told me faith & patience is important to cure for this treatment.

Thank u so much Dr. Jasmine modi Because of u & urs treatment today i am feeling happy & active we want many Dr. like u. It will be blessing for mankind . This therapy reduces pain & gives normal life to mankind so they live there life happily . Thank u

Smita Mehta