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Trigeminal Neurolagia
May 29

Trigeminal Neurolagia

My name is Hemant Kansara. I am 57-year-old husband and father of a son. I started to experience left-sided electric shock-like facial pain on approximately 28-07-2012. The pain was primarily located in the left cheek and left jaw region and is aggravated by chewing, laughing, and other facial muscle movement.
I proceeded for a neurological evaluation and was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. This condition may arise when a blood vessel causes pressure on the Trigeminal nerve, the nerve that controls sensation in the face. I started on several different medications for pain management but the relief was temporary.

Again on 02-04-14 I got a relapse of the same excruciating pain as the line of treatment was unchanged.On 16-05-2015 I consulted Dr. Jasmine Modi for “Acupuncture” (along with the same old medication). In less then 20 visits I can feel the normality in my face as it was 3 years ago. My face does not feel as sensitive as before & after washing I can wipe my face with moderate to high pressure.

It is a wonderful treatment & a fruitful outcome.Doctors like you replace the fear of illness with trust in recovery. Thank you once again.